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Unity Workplace IT protect computer networks from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. Defending against cyber threats, and responding to security breaches when they do happen. 

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Within your business you might have already heard stories or have been part of your own cyber security breach. These occurrences are growing more and more common and the damage and disruption that they can cause is growing in severity.

For most businesses, protecting data and networks from cyber criminals is a constant struggle that can have huge repercussions if the criminals are successful. But how do you plan to mitigate your business risk against cyber threats that are becoming more and more sophisticated?

Our team of cyber security experts have experience in a wide range of industries and business environments and are available to give you peace of mind knowing that you’re significantly reducing your risk of a cyber threat.

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Do these challenges sound familiar?

Meeting external compliance requirements

Multiple different suppliers to manage and maximise your IT environment

Defending and maximising your companies software and data

Securing remote and hybrid workers

Protecting a constantly evolving network environment

Supplying other businesses with cyber security concerns and requirements

4% of turnover - Maximum GDPR Fine

. . .

60% of SME’s who were victims of cyber-attacks did not recover and shut down within 6 months

. . .

60% of all cyber-attacks or breaches in 2016 were aimed at SMEs

. . .

Faced with a large variety of cyber threats and 68% of SMEs having no systematic approach for cyber security, SMEs are the big new target for cyber-attacks

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