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Helping customers find a better way to transform IT services through insight and expertise and allowing customers to make a significant contribution to their business’s customer success.

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Even the smallest of businesses have big IT issues, and this is where Unity WIT comes in, providing reliable and responsive management support and service for all things IT.

Understanding your challenges and combining the best blend of devices, security services, and productivity applications to meet them, Unity addresses the ‘workplace of the future’ so that every part of our IT support facilitates your employees connecting to your IT systems. Having extensive experience working across various industry sectors allows us to put this knowledge into your IT network to increase performance, reduce costs and provide a competitive advantage.

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Support & Managed IT

  • Support packages
  • Consultations
  • Full outsourcing
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Security Management

  • Defence and detection
  • Security transformation
  • Response and recovery
  • Operational technology cyber security
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Network Infrastructure

  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless technology
  • Point to point connections
  • LAN’s and WAN’s
  • Network Power (UPS, Power Failover)
  • Data Centre Build
  • Testing

Monthly Offer

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Why Workplace IT?

Over 10 years’ experience within the IT and Support industry.
Rapid deployment of services.
Bespoke levels of support to suit your changing business needs.

Support and Managed IT

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Now more than ever, businesses depend on their IT systems in order to operate. When it comes to IT support and managed services you need fast, reliable, 24/7 assistance to keep your systems secure, available, and performing to their optimum level. Unity provides the comfort of knowing your IT is protected and managed by an expert. It allows you to concentrate on running your own business.

There are a number of ways we achieve this. By understanding your challenges and combining the best blend of devices, security services and productivity applications to meet them. By addressing the ‘workplace of the future’ so that every part of our IT support facilitates your employees connecting to your IT systems. And finally, by delivering the level of support your business needs through the following services:

Telephone Help Desk

Remote Support

Onsite Support

Routine Maintenance

Installation and Upgrades


Security Management

Keeping your business safe and secure from the unexpected. The biggest IT threat facing businesses is internet cyber-crime. With at least 43% of businesses having already experienced some sort of cyber-crime within the last year.        

Efficiently operate your business by protecting your information. Ensure you stay ahead of risks and disasters that have the potential to bring your business to a standstill.

  •  Defence and Detection
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Security Transformation
  • Response and Recovery

There is a 1 in 2 chance that UK SMEs will experience a cyber security breach.

Average cost of cyber-attacks on small businesses in 2018 was £65,000 per victim in damaged assets, financial penalties, and business downtime.

Network Infrastructure

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Providing businesses with communication paths and services between users, processes, applications, services, and external networks/the internet. Having an efficient and effective infrastructure in place allows you to pump the blood of your organisation through the arteries that is your Network Infrastructure.

Fully projected managed solutions from designing the perfect network for business requirements to the installation of complex cabling infrastructure projects. Delivering a range of both wired and wireless network infrastructure services alongside niche solutions.

We have undertaken Network Infrastructure projects for businesses of all sizes; ranging from SME’s to large multi-national organisations throughout the UK and worldwide. We also have the experience of working across all major public and private sector industries so you can be assured that you have chosen a proven industry leader that has the experience, confidence, know-how and ability to effectively deliver Network Infrastructure projects of all sizes on time, on budget and to a standard that befits our ISO9001 accreditation.

Installation of Voice Infrastructure Cabling

Complete Network Design & Build Services

End-to-end Installation of Cable Containment

Marine Satellite TV and Internet Solutions

Ad Hoc


Fibre and Wireless

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