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Creating faster, simpler pathways to business automation through flexible software and services. AI Software provides Bespoke business software solutions for all your needs.

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Unity AI Software focuses on building bespoke business software solutions and giving you advice around your key operational systems that make a difference, helping you manage your team more effectively so you can focus on growing your business.

Unity is here to help improve your business through software development, systems integration, and a whole range of other solutions designed to support and keep your systems and processes ticking over. So, if you are looking to solve a business problem or create new and endless possibilities via developing new software get in touch with our friendly unifiers today – we want to hear your stories and how you plan to move your business onto the next level through efficient systems and software development.

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  • Business intelligence systems
  • Sales & Marketing systems
  • Management systems
  • Procurement & accounting systems
  • Intranet & Portal
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Bespoke Software

  • Custom builds
  • APP development
  • Software design
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  • Integration & migration
  • Usability & interaction
  • Build & implementation
  • Maintenance & Support

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Why AI Software?

Endless possibilities with value-added benefits, through custom-built solutions.
Affordable solutions on multi-device, multi-users orientated, configurable solutions.
Scalability and flexibility to adapt to business growth with fast integration from the offset.


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Off the shelf software provides businesses with quick and efficient solutions, with scalability, flexibility and functionality. 

Does your organisation want to assess how to enhance the user experience of your existing software? Whether your audience is your customers, suppliers or internal teams, the loss of time working with a system that doesn’t have a good UX will eventually affect your bottom line.

With pricing starting from £12.00 per user.

Our solutions

Time and Attendance System

Sales and Marketing Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Software

Fleet Management System

Finance Solutions

Documents and Contract Systems

Custom-Software Development 

Technology is one of your key agents for facilitating growth, having the right systems implemented ensures productivity and efficiency. We help you identify the systems that you need in place to facilitate growth not prohibit it. Constantly setting standard for software with API availability, unification of systems through integration, automate and track processes and minimise chances of human error.

  •  Scalability and Flexibility
  • Fast Integration
  • Process and Policy Mapping
  •  Complete Ownership 


Improve your businesses through strategic software development, system integration and a whole range of other solutions designed to help and keep your systems and processes ticking over.


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Discover integration for your business processes. Integrate business systems and software into your existing processes, to improve your businesses productivity and efficiency.

  • Process Automation
  • Data Synchronisation
  • System Extensions
  • Maintenance and Support

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