Customer Spotlight: Endeavour Leisure


Endeavour Leisure (UK) Ltd, innovators and operators of indoor and outdoor leisure facilities based in the North East of England with sites in Thornaby and Redcar’s Locke Park.

The Play Factory in Thornaby – their flagship site, provides a remarkable children indoor entertainment centre where children can climb, run, slide, bounce and ride around their fantastic play frame.

This year marks their 10-year anniversary since opening and to celebrate this achievement, Unity wanted to place them in the spotlight and showcase what we did to support them throughout their telecommunication journey.

Project Challenge

When The Play Factory opened in 2014, we initially supplied them with a standard ADSL broadband which at that time was a perfect fit for purpose but during a period of rapid growth, the need for more speed and reliability became paramount.

Secondly, there was an issue with the emergence of card payments. With more than half of all payments paid with card, most customers expect to be able to pay by card and businesses must compromise with this. Even though card machines were installed, they were having issues connecting them to the internet on the shop floor. Our immediate solution was to install a temporary Unifi Wi-Fi solution just for the weekend to test and the rest is history.

The Solution

Managed Internet Installation

Endeavour Leisure was experiencing major complications with the internet over at Thornaby Industrial Estate where copper infrastructure was unreliable. Additionally, they were having issues with the ADSL dropping out, which slowed the business’ operations and overall connectivity. Our managed internet installation enabled the business to run smoothly, increased speeds from 11mb to 100mb, and provided customers access to a guest Wi-Fi system.

Wireless Access Point Install and Configuration

As Endeavour Leisure was having issues with accepting card payments due to problems with receiving wireless signal from the router, we installed a Wi-Fi Access Point which resolved the problems they were experiencing. We initially did this as a trial to monitor if it would succeed and the positive results showed that this was worth developing which they were happy to onboard with.


We evidently delivered a highly effective, future proofed and extensive telecommunication portfolio for Endeavour Leisure. Now, their telecommunications are better than ever and at optimal position to continue to deliver a 5-star service to families in the North East for many years to come. Get in touch today to see how Unity World can help solve your problems!

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