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  1. Beware of Malicious Code on GitHub Repositories

Software developers are facing a new threat as malicious code is discovered in GitHub repositories. With over 100,000 affected repos, companies are urged to strengthen security measures to protect against these risks.


  1. Apple Empowers European iOS Developers with Distribution

European iOS developers now have the option to distribute web apps, reducing reliance on the App Store. However, questions arise regarding app functionalities and discoverability.


  1. Nvidia Unveils Blackwell GPU Platform, Elevating AI

Nvidia’s Blackwell GPU Platform promises enhanced performance for AI workloads, signalling advancements in AI development. Developers must adapt to leverage these capabilities effectively.


  1. One Login Gains Momentum for Streamlined Services

The rise of One Login accounts simplifies access to government services, potentially paving the way for similar initiatives worldwide.


  1. Quantum Communication Breakthrough Enhances Security

Researchers make strides in secure quantum communication, offering potential for unbreakable networks in finance, healthcare, and national security.


  1. IT Support Adapts to Evolving Threats

IT support professionals expand beyond traditional roles to address evolving cybersecurity threats. Continuous professional development is essential for staying ahead in areas like security protocols and data protection.

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