Prepare for the Future: BT Switch Off Alert!

Act Now: Prepare for the BT Switch Off

    The era of traditional phone networks is fading fast. Since 1875, the public switched telephone network (PSTN) has been backbone of UK communications, but by the end of 2025, it’s making way for a digital revolution.

    Embrace the Change:

      The switch-off marks a new era of telecoms. Say hello to VoIP phone systems. Enjoy crystal-clear calls via broadband or mobile data, unlocking unprecedented mobility and collaboration.

      What Does This Mean for You?

        Still reliant on copper lines? Whether it’s for phone systems, lift lines, alarms, or internet services like ADSL, FTTC, and more, it’s time to act. Speak to Unity, your trusted communications provider, to ensure a seamless transition.

        Why Act Now?

          Don’t wait until the last minute. Just like booking holiday flights in advance saves you hassle and money, preparing for the switch-off early ensures peace of mind. Save on Unity’s VOIP solution with unlimited minutes and ditch pricey support packages.

          Confused About Your Current Setup?

            Our team of experts, the “Unifiers,” have your back. Whether it’s a communications review, bill analysis, or face-to-face discussion, we’ve got you covered.

            Got Questions?

              Reach out to us at 0330 119 6666 or Don’t let the switch-off catch you off guard. Prepare for tomorrow, today.

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