Jargon Buster: Demystifying Comms Terminology

Jargon Buster

The jargon buster aims to give simple, plain English explanations of typical words and/or phrases used in the comms field, making it easier to stay informed.

Connection Charge: Understand the fee for installing or reconnecting your phone or broadband cables hassle-free.


Unlimited Downloads: Enjoy broadband packages without worrying about data limits. Keep streaming and browsing worry-free with unlimited downloads, although fair usage policies may apply.


‘Up To’ Speed: Discover the maximum download speed advertised for your broadband package, though actual speeds may vary due to factors like distance from the exchange.


Mbit/s: Learn about data speed measurement with “Megabits-per-second,” where a higher number means faster data movement.


CLI (Calling Line Identification): Identify incoming callers effortlessly with services that display caller numbers or identities.


IP (Internet Protocol): Explore the technology behind internet data transmission, simplifying the way data travels online.


Static IP: Secure a dedicated IP address for consistent internet access, perfect for businesses needing stable connections for servers and websites.


NGN (Next Generation Network): Experience advanced networks using IP technology, offering multiple services on a single platform.


M2M (Machine-to-Machine): Connect machines seamlessly for integrated networks, ideal for real-time monitoring and remote maintenance in businesses.


Fibre Broadband: Enjoy high-speed internet through fibre optic cables, either to your street cabinet (FTTC) or directly to your premises (FTTP).


FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet): Benefit from high-speed VDSL technology, although speeds may vary with distance from the cabinet.


FTTP (Fibre to the Premise): Embrace full fibre connections with minimal speed degradation, unaffected by distance or weather conditions.


Leased Line: Secure a dedicated, high-speed connection for voice, video, and data, ideal for business data centers and internet connectivity.


SIP (Session Initiated Protocol): Enable VoIP and video streaming over broadband, replacing traditional phone services seamlessly.


SIP Trunking: Upgrade telephony services with VoIP, connecting PBX systems to service providers for enhanced communication.


SIM-Only: Explore service tariffs without handset contracts, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


PAC (Porting Authorisation Code): Easily switch mobile providers while keeping your existing number with this essential code.


ETC (Early Termination Charge): Understand charges for terminating contracts prematurely, ensuring clarity in contract agreements.


SLA (Service Level Agreements): Know your rights with agreements specifying service quality and entitlements, including compensation for unmet service levels.


Unified Communications: Streamline communication services for businesses, integrating various tools and services for seamless operation.


ISDN Services: Transition from outdated ISDN services with our assistance.

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