Customer Spotlight: Johnson Technical 


Johnson Technical Systems are IT support specialists and Managed Service Provider. Based in Chelmsford, Essex helping clients from all over the southeast of England. They, like Unity, are your one-stop-shop for all things IT and connectivity.

The goal was to create an IT support company that provides a bespoke and personal service that is more comprehensive than any of their competitors. As a business they take advantage of key automation technologies, these allow them to operate in a truly proactive manner and continue evolving.

Their philosophy is to establish long term relationships with their clients built on trust. The five-star customer service they have provided for 20 years embodies this as one of their key company values.

Project Challenge

Nick Johnson, Sales Director from Johnson Technical Systems was on the lookout for a new reliable connectivity supplier when we reached out to him back in 2017. Nick was looking for a connectivity supplier that offered proactive communication as well as cost effective and reliable solutions that he could sell to his clients.

Immediately after becoming a partner, the orders for leased lines and broadband connections started to flow. We are now 7 years into this partnership and our relationship is stronger than ever.
Their most recent challenge has been their existing VOIP Supplier discontinuing the platform that they used to resell, this has led them to look for a new supplier for such services and their first thought was to speak to us.

The Solution

Communication on Connectivity Orders
Unity solved this headache through their implementation of weekly updates on all orders, every live order on the system will be updated at the very least once a week so customers are never in the dark. 

Discontinued VOIP Service
When Nick made Unity aware that his VOIP service was being discontinued we offered Johnson Technical a free trial of our Mobile VOIP User service, which gave their technical team 30 days to try out the system, making use of the Cisco Webex mobile app and Unlimited Minutes on offer.

The technical team were more than happy with the solution on offer and since then Unity have started the ball rolling on transferring their existing VOIP systems over to us.


With the future proofed, extensive telecommunications portfolio on offer from Unity, Johnson Technical Systems is in a better position to continue to deliver a 5-star service to their clients for many years to come.

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