Q&A: Security and Cybersecurity

Q&A: Security and Cybersecurity

Customer 1 (SME): As a small business, how can I prioritise cybersecurity when resources are limited?

Unity: Safeguarding your small business is crucial, and we get it – resources may be tight. Begin with a risk assessment to pinpoint critical assets and vulnerabilities. Direct your focus and resources to fortify these priority areas. Explore affordable cybersecurity tools tailored for SMEs or consider managed security services. Equip your team with the knowledge to identify and tackle threats – it’s an investment that pays off.

Customer 2 (Corporate): What's the best approach to securing our vast and complex IT infrastructure?

Unity: Managing a large IT infrastructure is like conducting a symphony – it requires a comprehensive strategy. Start with a Zero Trust Architecture, minimise trust assumptions, and keep a vigilant eye on anomalies. Implement robust access controls, prioritise patch management, conduct regular audits, and throw in some penetration testing for good measure. Need a hand orchestrating this? Collaborate with our cybersecurity experts for a tailored plan.

Customer 3 (Channel Partner): How can we ensure that the third-party products we offer our customers are secure and won't pose risks to their organisations?

Unity: Choosing the right partners is crucial. Work closely with vendors who prioritise security – demand comprehensive documentation, audits, and certifications. Take it a step further by conducting your security assessments or bring in the pros. Make sure vendors commit to regular security updates. With Unity, you’re not just offering products; you’re offering peace of mind.

Customer 4 (SME): We've heard a lot about ransomware attacks. How can our small business protect against them?

Unity: Ransomware – the ultimate unwelcome guest. Keep them out with regular offline data backups, software updates to patch vulnerabilities, and employee education on phishing threats. Arm yourself with dedicated ransomware protection tools – because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Customer 5 (Corporate): What emerging cybersecurity trends should large organisations like ours be aware of?

Unity: Stay ahead of the game with trends like Zero Trust security, AI-driven threat detection, and supply chain security. Zero Trust challenges trust assumptions even within the corporate network. AI-driven detection enhances threat identification, and supply chain security shields against vulnerabilities. At Unity, we’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace.

Customer 6 (Channel Partner): How can we stay ahead of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and offer our customers the best solutions?

Unity: In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, knowledge is power. Dive into industry forums, stay updated through news sources, and collaborate with experts. Certifications and training programs keep your team sharp. Regularly assess your offerings to align with the latest trends. At Unity, we’re not just keeping you informed; we’re keeping you ahead.

Customer(s) 7 (all types): What types of protection does Microsoft 365 offer?

Unity: Microsoft 365 Total Protection is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive security and data protection. From securing emails to robust backup solutions and ensuring compliance, it’s all under one roof. No need for extra installations or maintenance headaches. With 365 Total Protection, your Microsoft 365 data is wrapped in a protective shield – trust us, it’s a game-changer for your digital resilience.

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