Expert View: Modernising AppSec Strategies

Unity expert, Tex Davies, sheds light on the evolving landscape of Application Security (AppSec). Recent attacks this year, such as T-Mobile confirming their second data breach, have revealed a common trend – problems with third-party software are leading to data theft. Notably, the £20 million fine on British Airways by the ICO for a 2018 data breach underscores the importance of addressing vulnerabilities in third-party software.


Dealing with these issues poses a challenge for CISOs, who must balance security, compliance, cost and increasing complexity. Developers often feel slowed down by AppSec teams.


As technology evolves rapidly, with AI and open-source solutions becoming more common, traditional approaches no longer work. This has led to the merging of DevSecOps and Unity. Now, developers have tools to find vulnerabilities in their code and open-source components, but the challenge is helping CISOs focus on specific areas.


Understanding how your application works and where it operates, along with activities like threat modelling, helps organisations choose the right security measures. In today’s world, where AppSec doesn’t mean sacrificing productivity, Davies suggests we have the tools and knowledge to make security more effective.

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