Customer Spotlight: Baines Jewitt


Baines Jewitt is one of the largest firms of chartered accounts, business advisers and tax experts in Teesside. As a financial leader, they understand that seamless IT operations are critical to their success.

Project Challenge 

The Baines Jewitt team came to us with many pain points:


  1. Outdated IT infrastructure hampering business growth
  2. Frequent downtime, security concerns, and operational inefficiencies.

The Solution 

Unity World collaborated with Baines Jewitt to address their challenges:


  1. Comprehensive IT assessment to identify areas needing improvement.
  2. Tailored IT strategy focusing on infrastructure optimisation, enhanced cybersecurity, and streamlined operations.
  3. Ongoing IT support for prompt issue resolution, ensuring operational reliability.


The results were remarkable:

  1. Significant reduction in downtime, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.
  2. Robust cybersecurity measures safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance.
  3. Cost savings and efficiency improvements enhancing the bottom line.

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