Customer Spotlight: Newcastle Falcons


Newcastle Falcons is an English Rugby Premiership team, with a goal of providing a thrilling match day experience to sport fans. With over 18 home matches per season, we amplified their IT & Communications capabilities to ensure they could run with optimal services.

Project Challenge 

We identified several pain points that were causing delays internally within Newcastle Falcons team and externally with vendor partners.


  1. Holiday booking system with no remote access, limited visibility, and long approval processes.
  2. An “old” legacy phone system preventing anytime-access.
  3. There was only one internet connection into the entire premise, leaving exposure to outages.
  4. Gaps within existing networking IT environment, particularly with failing Wi-Fi connectivity, causing significant operational delays.

The Solution 

We quickly noticed several issues that expanded across Unity AI Software, Comms and WIT portfolio:

Enrolling Unity AI Software’s help

We built a bespoke Time & Attendance system that enabled remote access, streamlined holiday requests, allowed them to record sickness/absence’s and sent Email reminder to the team to carry out tasks. Once approved, holidays are visible in a calendar for full transparency. Since our system is fully customisable, we were able to embed additional requested features, such as ½ day holidays and time off in lieu holidays, that fit around Newcastle Falcons’ working practices.

Enrolling Unity Comms’ help

We installed state-of-the-art VOIP systems across the stadium to replace their “old” legacy system, which would allow them to stay connected while on and off premise.

We integrated Sky and Virgin Media connections for resilient 1GB leased lines. This meant if one circuit went down, the other would instantly kick in and take over, dramatically reducing the risk of downtime.

Enrolling Unity Workplace IT’s help

We modernised their IT infrastructure with the latest fibre optics, data cabling, Wi-Fi systems, security protection and smart devices to facilitate broadcasting and matchday requirements.


With the new digital systems in place, Newcastle Falcons is in a better position to deliver unrivalled match day experiences for sport fans, with no interconnectivity downtime on record to date since the project. Performance has been facilitated by the advancements in productivity thanks to streamlined IT infrastructure services. These integrated systems have, and continue to, enhance communications from both an internal and external business point of view.

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