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Planning, delivering, and executing a wide array of services to businesses over the UK in the technical field.

Does any of this sound interesting to your business? Unlimited expertise, increased productivity and efficiency; leverage your business against competition with better, strategic management or/and value-added service?

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Our Tech Force support services create a fully integrated partnership with customers so that they are provided with the right People, right Technology, and right Solutions, to ensure customers and their clients have the right customer journey.

Unity’s technical field services work with our customers to design a field operation that suits their particular operational goals and objectives. Our team are highly qualified and they can support you with a range of capabilities, including structured cabling.

Unity offers a range of technical logistics to our customers who require specific knowledge and expertise in delivering and installing of high-tech products. We coordinate with the project management of our team, to ensure fast, precise, and consistent service.

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Support Services

  • Business operations
  • Customer experience
  • Project management
  • Manpower solutions
  • Call centre services
  • Technical services
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Technical Field Services

  • Survey & planning services
  • Installation & commissioning service
  • Project management services
  • Infrastructure builds
  • Equipment roll out
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Technical Logistics

  • Final mile deliveries
  • Value added service
  • Reverse logistics
  • Asset management
  • Warehousing

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Why Tech Force?

Experts in support services, technical field services and technical logistics.
State of the art technical logistics systems.
Countless services on offer to help any business type and size.

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