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Our Cloud and Data Centre solutions provides the core infrastructure that underpins digital activity across government, business, and community activities.

With partial/single cabinets to dedicated custom data suites, all our Data Centre services are supported by Tier 3 infrastructure to ensure maximum availability.

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Remote, Secure & Powerful

Outsourcing a Data Centre is an IT industry must-have. Businesses and partners are reaping the financial benefits of choosing to collocate data.

Reliable and Safe

Colocation in a Data Centre reduces the risks associated with housing your information in the corporate office. We have remote hands service to manage and maintain the facility.

We instigate strict service level agreements. Having ISO27001 Certification ensures your business and partners will be covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Our SLA is implemented for your protection.

Scalable and Secure

Our high-quality data centre inventory offers businesses the ability to grow. With scalability being available to scale up or scale down your servers.

To protect customers and partners, and sensitive data, our DC has leading-edge security with ISO27001 accreditation.

Remote Backup


Hosted Voice Over IP Services

Website & Server Hosting

Virtualised Server Infrastructure


Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers

One of the most essential components of any IT infrastructure is the server, businesses rely upon these to store information and power applications. For many of our clients and yours, their servers are a piece of physical hardware that is stored on-premise.

Considerations for Colocation

Considerations for Colocation

Has your business reached a point were hosting your own IT infrastructure internally is no longer a viable option for your sustainable long-term strategy? Or perhaps your current DC isn’t doing your business enough justice?

Why Cloud Services?

All cloud services available under one roof – no need to find different companies.
Respond and prepare for disruptive changes to meet your business needs.
Unity provides stability in an ever-changing market. Giving businesses peace of mind.

Any Business Size and Industry

Micro Businesses

Small to Medium Enterprises

Large & Corporate

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