A customer portal is a must-have tool for customer & service-orientated organizations. Portals offer a secure storage space to let customers and clients share and store important documents or information. It provides a secure digital gateway to the organization’s network to its clients solidifying processes and relationships. Accessed via the company’s main website, through account logins and passwords.

A) The organization can control who has access to the portal.

B) The customer is assured of an extra layer of security.

Customer portals cater to all lifestyles – on the go and accessible anywhere and at any time; our personal technology has generated an expectation that we should be able to get information and process transactions instantaneously – Customer Portals make this happen. Customer self-service is also coming more and more prevalent; surveys have indicated that up to 70% of people want to or need to solve service or product issues on their own by getting involved with an agent. Customer portals enable customers to solve problems themselves whatever the time of day, reducing the dependency on the company and times.

In the current business environment, 90% of UK customers expect businesses to have their own customer portal that is self-service, to have better communication and processes implemented. The systems and processes are the central cogs of your business, not people. It further creates a system where your customers are doing the work, they used to require you to do, freeing up your time to do other tasks.

Portal features:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Make customers self-reliant
  • It can create communities
  • Save time and money
  • Information is easily accessible


  • Secure File sharing
  • Reduce customer care costs
  • Access customer feedback
  • Increase Positive customer recommendations

Adopting a customer portal, allows businesses to increase customer satisfaction and improve retention.