A leased line (also known as managed internet, MIA, private circuit, and more) is a high-speed communications link that is dedicated to one business customer and can be flexibly configured to offer various voice and data services including high-speed internet access.

It consists of a dedicated fibre optic (or copper) cable that physically links two sites and is separated from general public telecommunications networks.

Whereas at one point these were often deemed far too expensive for use by businesses, newer technology and increasingly growing demands from customers and businesses alike, mean this type of internet connection is now a more realistic proposition.

This blog aims to give you a quick introduction to leased line solutions and tell you some of the benefits. So, let’s get started by answering some key questions.

What is the difference between a Leased Line & standard Internet connection?

Think of a standard internet connection – if everyone in your street is streaming, downloading a file, or any other form of internet media at the same time, then your internet connection is going to be slow. With a leased line, you and only you have access to the dedicated connection, so no matter what time of day it is, because you’re the only person (or people) that are using the connection, you will enjoy fast connections with your upload speeds and your download speeds being the same.

What are the typical connection speeds?

The typical internet connection speed that is being offered with most leased line connections is between 2Mbps to 10Gbps. In terms of popularity, it is generally a 10Mbps connection that businesses go for. Several other connections are becoming increasingly popular though and it is always worth exploring options and costs before committing.

The future of Leased Line speeds

One of the most exciting parts about leased line speeds is the fact that the future is set to see even faster internet speeds, some that are faster than the speed of ADSL, which you can see with our leased line speed test. While you can find a huge variation in the leased line speed packages that you can get now, the cable networks are likely going to begin doubling and tripling the speeds that they are providing their consumers.

Is the cost of a Leased Line worth it?

Quite simply, the biggest benefit to a dedicated leased line is the fact that you can get the entire connection to yourself without having to deal with any competition from other users. While leased lines can be quite expensive to set up for your business, if the services or products that you provide rely on having a fast and reliable internet connection, then the cost of a leased line is more than worth it. Also, as stated near the beginning of this piece, the cost of these solutions is coming down dramatically. There are a huge number of benefits with leased lines that can help to ensure that your business has a fast internet connection at all times.

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