Many start up businesses are unsure of the equipment needed to get their foot of the ground. Unsurprisingly, businesses think its as simple as a laptop or computer and printer. But far much more than that is necessary.

This article goes through the essentials for business setups.

1. Laptops and PCs

The age-old question, Laptop, or desktop PC?

Laptops are ideal for employees that need to work off-site or for those that need more mobility in their day-to-day work life.

Desktop PCs, are more powerful than standard laptops at the fraction of the cost. Desktops can handle larger jobs with a higher RAM, GB and specs.

2. Phone systems

Effective communication is integral to business, when considering equipment, businesses should invest in a good office telephone system. To build up and maintain customer and stakeholder relationships. With various different systems and handsets available such as PBX SIP Trunks or VoIP.

With VoIP systems, employees make calls through the internet, while PBX systems use a standard telephone line.

3. Printer, copier, scanner

With countless models and various different features, there is a printer, copier, scanner available for all budgets and business environments. Depending on the requirements of your office, there are parameters to bear in mind. Alongside space and needs – what will your business use it for? Part of the legal sector and need something that will fax?

Space, Type, Paper, Connectivity, Hardware, Scanning, Colour, Faxing, and Document Feeder.

4. TV and audio

Something that may get overlooked on a regular basis is TV and audio. Depending on the nature of your business, some companies may not need TV and audio implemented. From Television set-ups for reception areas to kitting out meeting and conference rooms with audio, and digital signage. This equipment can be installed to help with efficiency and productivity in the organisation, improve customer experience etc.

5. Servers and storage

Business servers and storage is vital for security and efficiency. On top of servers, having the right storage type is imperative, have the necessary items to keep the server space cool, the correct racks to hold etc.

6. External hard drives

Maximise space and security with external hard drives for your computers/laptops. Back up and protection of work data via cloud-based services Veeam, alongside extra back up with hard drives. External drives and servers are relatively affordable and can save you business from computer failure or other issues.

7. Routers

Internet is the second foundation for business after effective communications and phone systems. Used to keep your employees working and communicating with customers. Ensure you get the right router for the business requirements.

A network router can be necessary if you have more than one computer that requires internet access. Consider wireless routers if you have a laptop and computer to use.

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