FTTP is too Complicated.

One big myth about FTTP is that it is too complicated. This myth comes from the fact that FTTP is compared with its predecessor, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). FTTP has faster speeds and resilience and therefore is an unfair comparison. As for FTTC, it is true that you only need access to a nearby green cabinet to connect customers, but for the new FTTP network set up, you only need one visit from an engineer.

For greenfield sites, like new housing estates, it’s fibre only as there’s no legacy copper services. So, the ONT terminating equipment is usually installed in advance and doesn’t need an engineer to visit to make the service live. For sites where there’s an existing copper infrastructure, the ONT is added on the day that everything else in installed.

There is now a faster, more structured way to get customers connected, which brings us to our second myth.

It Takes Ages to Get FTTP and it Will Never be Available Near me.

So, we snuck two myths in here, but for good reason. While this might have been true in some areas in the past it is no longer the case. Yes, the process of installation and implementing FTTP does take longer than FTTC in some places. But the product and service you get with FTTP is so much better it’s worth the wait.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our partners and their customers to enjoy FTTP, so we’re focussing on the quality of the underlying service. We’re constantly working with our partners to improve processes, from ordering all the way to installation.

There is a flagship government pledge for the entire UK to have access to gigabit-capable speeds by 2025 to catch up with the rest of the world. They are relying on the likes of specialist providers like Unity to accelerate these plans and rollout FTTP to premises across the United Kingdom.

We Don’t Need Such a High Bandwidth.

We anticipate further bandwidth growth as a result of growing demands from modern technology within businesses and homes alike. Historically, as internet connection speeds have increased, new technologies have always emerged to fill that bandwidth. FTTP providers like ourselves have found that when customers get access to more bandwidth, they will use it. And while our company grows and hires new employees, your bandwidth will extend with you to encapsulate the new users.

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