Whenever you search ‘support service’ in the search engine, the most identifiable and common recurring theme that comes up is mental health and social care, with very few sites coming up regarding business services and solutions. Many businesses are missing out on the right tools for growth. Having the right business support network to deliver the correct solutions using the best people is always a plus for business growth, in ensuring customers and clients have the best tools for a successful customer experience and journey. 

When researching, the main definition of business support services is “means the establishments primarily within buildings, providing other businesses with services including maintenance, repair, and service, testing, rental, etc…”

Support Services are often categorized into 6 points:

  1. Business operations
  2. Customer experience
  3. Project management
  4. Manpower solutions
  5. Call centre services
  6. Technical Services

Business Operations

Everything that happens within a company to keep it running and earning money is referred to collectively as business operations. These are often perceived as the elements: staffing, process, location, and equipment or technology. Having business operations outsourced can help reduce time spent on operations i.e., the installation of sales terminals to process purchases or doctor surgeries touch screen check-in helps save employee times and improve customer service. 

Customer Experience

Installation of equipment to enhance the customer experience has become popular over the last few years, from electronic point of sales terminals to electronic check-in terminals. Saving businesses time and money, alongside making the customer journey that little bit easier and quicker.

Businesses can outsource businesses to help enhance the customer experience – making them more efficient and customer user friendly. 

Project Management

Business project management is imperative to organisational processes and systems. Great communication and experience are very advantageous in business development, some businesses today are still struggling through managing their projects on top of other business processes. PM can help businesses save time to spend on other things. 

Manpower Solutions

From network infrastructure to equipment installation, having a team of engineers on hand for the installation of solutions helps businesses. More often than not, support businesses have a range of white vans, enabling them to come as unbranded engineers helping your brand identity. 

Call Centre Services

From VoIP telephony systems and handsets to cloud telephony solutions. Getting call centres up and running requires a level of outsourcing is needed. 

Technical Services

Technical services are services that are rendered by professionals like engineers. Having technical specialists helping your business requirements enables high-quality services to be delivered. Technology companies more often than not have a range of technically specialised services available to outsource i.e. network infrastructure technicians, cabling installers, and IT engineers. 


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