Local business Unity World, formerly known as Unity Group (Stratus Technologies, Red Robot Systems, Agile ICT and TCS), has undergone a full restructure and business unit brand change, in aid of going back to its roots. Unity has brought back all separate business units and placed them under the Unity umbrella and namesake. All of the old business branding has been changed to Unity AI Software, Unity Comms, Unity Workplace IT, Unity Cloud Services, Tech Force, and Tech Shop.

In the coming weeks, our newly developed website will be launched in place of the current landing page – bringing together all the business units in one place. Making it easier for businesses around the UK to find the products and services best for them. Allowing mix and match package deals with choices from – software products, IT support, telecommunications, hardware equipment, and cloud services. 

“This relaunch and venture enable Unity to improve our processes and customers’ experience, all products, and services on offer have been improved, making whatever service you choose, the best for your business and customers. Alongside adopting a new business structure, we have established new ways of contacting Unity.”

“There’s been quite a lot of changes happening recently around the groups, but I am positive it will help improve efficiency and operations across all the groups. I can already see a difference in the atmosphere of the businesses and the way they work. It’s a positive restructure that I believe we needed.”- Chief Executive Officer Simon Scotchbrook.

With an all-new 0330 telephone number, new email addresses and, a new site reference to go by – making it easier for customers to get in contact. 

Telephone Number: 0330 1196 666

Contact emails: sales@unity.world




Website: www.unity.world

With our new contact details and rebrand, we have redesigned our companies’ purpose, goal, vision and, strategy, to represent the new and improved Unity Ltd. 


0330 119 6666

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00