From fighting off viruses, malware infections, and spyware a firewall is everything you need to combat any unsafe traffic coming into your network.

Typically, a firewall can be either a hardware or software programme, they are designed to keep out any unwanted data from the internet entering a private network while allowing the private network communications to flow freely meaning threats never reach the end-users PC.

According to The Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport 1/3 of UK businesses experienced cyber security breaches in 2019, costing an average of £4,180 after losing data after breaches. And as if this is not enough to persuade you of the importance of protecting your company with cyber security, here are 5 more reasons we think firewalls are great…

Protects your computer and data

Without a firewall, the internal network is under constant threat of unauthorized access, breaches, and data theft. A firewall helps keep your private information under lock and key.

Blocks access to unapproved websites

Not only can a firewall make sure your company does not breach GDPR by keeping information safe, but it can also allow you to block unapproved websites ensuring employees stay within the company code.

Helps prevent spam

That’s right… No more spam! A firewall can block messages linking to any unwanted content including emails – as spammers are increasingly using email systems to disguise themselves it’s a great way to protect your network.

Metre bandwidth reports

Network bandwidth is the capacity of wired or wireless network communication – installing a firewall is a great way to monitor the productivity of your internet by providing firewall logs.

VPN services

Some firewalls offer VPN services also leading to greater security allowing companies online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection.

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