A Data Centre (DC) is used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. The Data Centre is a facility that centralises an organisation’s shared IT operations and equipment to store, processing, and disseminate data and applications. Because they house an organisation’s most critical and proprietary assets, data centres are vital to the continuity of daily operations.

Outsourcing a data centre is a growing trend in the IT industry. Organisations today are now reaping the financial and operational benefits of choosing to co-locate their data. With Unity Cloud Services, you can too.

Some of the benefits of a DC include:

  • Owned hardware
  • Customised setups
  • Stringent security – DC’s are primed to protect customers’ servers from disturbances.
  • Reduced power cost
  • Resilience in the event of outages
  • Half rack options
  • Full protection from overheating and fire – perfect environment to maintain the health of servers, saving you the expense of fire prevention and air conditioning contingencies.
  • Always on – multiple connectivity links ensuring constant access to applications and systems.

The security and reassurance of a data centre are major. Security systems such as CCTV, alarms, and electronic shutters provide a safe environment for your colocation. Resilient power in the case of outages means your servers won’t even falter if the mains power goes out.

Unity offers very favourable rates for your co-location requirements. As with our leased lines, we’ve got the best deals on the market and our fantastic service is there to top it off. With hourly service plans, volume discounts, and 30-minute billing increments, partners can decrease their cost of infrastructure management. We’ve always got great deals on our data centre facilities.

Data centres offer cloud services that are tangible. UK businesses working with UK DC’s are a win-win scenario. Many businesses are opting to migrate servers to other cloud based businesses, to help minimise time and expense.
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